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This test pulls questions from various sources which allows you to practice questions from different units together.

Professional Lucky Dip Test

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Well done – you have a good understanding of this topic.

You clearly have a thorough understanding of these topics.

You can take this test again, questions are drawn at random from a bank so you are likely to get different ones a second time around.

You have a few gaps in your knowledge you need to fill.

You have a good understanding of some parts of these topics.

We’d suggest further study in the parts you’re not so sure about – then come back and test your knowledge again. If you need further help, try speaking to your training provider or using AAT’s e-learning tools to fill the gaps in your knowledge.

You need to spend some more time on this topic.

Your knowledge of these topics has a number of gaps.

If you’re having trouble with these topics there’s plenty of help available. Go over your incorrect answers and, if necessary, speak to your training provider or use AAT’s e-learning tools to improve your understanding.


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